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Trusted cleaning service

Why should I trust Lotus?


Lotus Cleaning Services is dedicated to delivering outstanding and professional services, all while ensuring your safety and the environment by avoiding toxic chemicals.

We understand the importance of our clients feeling at ease and having full confidence that their expectations and needs will be meticulously addressed.

Why Us?


10 Years

Has our oldest clients acquiring our services.

House cleaners East Bay

Client Ongoing

New Client

Occasional Client

​​Clients Base​​

Best quality house cleaner, apartment cleaner, office cleaners, Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, San Francisco

Our regular customers place their trust in our staff by providing a duplicate key to our office or sharing an entry code. This allows our clients to relish quality time with their families or head to work, knowing they'll return to a thoroughly cleaned home.

Cleaning Service with Great Employee Retention

Loyal Employees

Our longest-serving employees have been with the company for

12 Years

Low personnel turnover.

We have insurance that covers most unforeseen events.

Loyal employees who receive annual training on how to care for our company's objectives, accident prevention, safety, and equipment care.

Employees with more than 10 years.
Cleaning service with low employee turnover
Employees with more than 5 years.
Cleaning service with high employee retention
Employees with more than 3 years.
House cleaners paying a good living wage

Workers' compensation in case of an accident.


Compliance and policies 


Satisfaction Policy

High Customer Satisfaction

We have three insurance policies that guarantee your cleanliness and cover our employees.​​

If you are not satisfied with the service provided, you can contact our customer service area in the next 24 hours to reach an agreement​​​.

House cleaner using high quality equipment


We have all the tools, equipment, and liquids, and our team carries all the necessary supplies to do the job independently.

We also have digital tools to make scheduling your appointment easier and reminders to let you know you have an appointment scheduled.

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