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Why should I trust Lotus?

Lotus Cleaning Services is committed to providing excellent and professional services while protecting you and the planet from toxic chemicals. 

We know that our clients need to feel comfortable and confident that their expectations and requirements will be met to the letter.

Additionally, the trust that we generate in our clients provides a strong security environment, your information and keys are totally safe with us.

Areas of trust:


10 Years

has our oldest clients acquiring our services


Client Ongoing

New Client

Occasional Client

​​Clients Base​​


Our client base consists of clients who have a cleaning program and occasional clients who call or write us when they need a service. These same clients trust our staff by bringing a copy of their key to the office or leaving a code for entry, so our clients can enjoy an outing with the family or go to work and return to find their home completely clean.

Loyal Employees.gif

Loyal Employees

Our longest-serving employees have been with the company for

12 Years

Low personnel turnover.

We have insurance that covers most unforeseen events.

Loyal employees who receive annual training on how to care for our company's objectives, accident prevention, safety, and equipment care.

Employees with more than 10 years.
Employees with more than 5 years.
Employees with more than 3 years.

Workers' compensation in case of an accident.


Compliance and policies 


Satisfaction Policy


We have three insurance policies that guarantee your cleanliness and cover our employees.​​

If you are not satisfied with the service provided, you can contact our customer service area in the next 24 hours to reach an agreement​​​



We have all the tools, equipment, and liquids, and our team carries all the necessary implements to do the job independently.

We also have digital tools to make scheduling your appointment easier and reminders to let you know you have an appointment scheduled.

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